The Little Things

Sunday 12 October 2014 you're craving them now ;)

I've been super busy recently with starting back at Uni and getting back into a working routine so with that has come a lot of stress - most of the time it's unnecessary, but it's so easy to let stuff get on top of you and to panic!

One thing in particular that made me feel a bit better was my landlord surprising my housemates and I with this box of Krispy Kremes! I've never put my pen down quicker to run downstairs and eat these..I'm ashamed to say they didn't last'd do the same!

It was such a nice gesture and made me realise what an impact nice little surprises like this can make to someone's day and mood.

I'm not the best at packing for long trips away from home so my mum has had to send some of my stuff over twice now and each one has had an extra surprise in! In my first parcel she put in a cute postcard and some sachets of my favourite hot chocolate; perfect for these colder, dark evenings. In the second parcel (yes my organisational skills are not always top notch) she put in a new jumper which was similar to one I'd tried on before but couldn't afford to buy at the time! She's s cute :)

It's so lovely when people make little gestures like that as they really do change the way you feel for the rest of the day. I wish I spent more time writing letters to my friends and family like I did in first year as it's so exciting getting things in the post - other than threats about the TV Licence!! It definitely feels more personal than a text message, don't you think?

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