Melting Snowman Biscuits!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

After watching Zoella's Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Treats video, I decided to try and make my own melting snowman biscuits! I had fun accessorising some of mine with fondant icing hats and scarves!
They're very simple to do, really fun to decorate and super yummy to eat! There's something about the digestive and icing combo that reminds me of being little :)

All you need is :

- A pack of digestive biscuits
- Icing sugar
- Icing pens in whatever colours you like
- Big white marshmallows
- Fondant Icing (optional) or any other decorative bits you have!

First of all, add water to your icing sugar until it's a nice consistency - not too runny or your snowmen will be melting all down the table!

Spread the icing onto your digestive biscuit and then grab a white marshmallow (I just ate all the pinks ones)  and plonk it on top of the icing before it dries.

Leave them to dry a little, maybe 5-10 minutes and brace yourself for the fun part!

There's not really a right or wrong way of decorating your snowmen. Be creative and experiment with different expressions and colours!! Half way through I decided to make little hats and scarves with some fondant icing that was leftover from the Christmas Cake!

These biscuits are perfect to quickly make before your friends come over! My friend is actually on her way over now! 

Remember to serve with tea and enjoy!!

Aren't they just the cutest?!!


  1. I watched that video too :) aww these are lovely! How fun that you used girly colours too rather than the traditional black and red xx

    Ioanna |

    1. Aw thank you :) the icing pens were from Tesco, they're glittery which I thought made them 'frosty' looking! xx

  2. These look fantastic!! Such a cute festive idea and they seem to have come out really well! : )

    Faded Windmills

  3. I loved this Zoella video, I thought it was really cute! I really like your take on it as well, they look so good and so delicious :)


  4. These are just too cute! I really wanted to make them after watching Zoella's video but haven't had the chance yet.
    This is making me so hungry too, haha!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // Beauty Giveaway

    1. They don't take long you should definitely try them :)!! x

  5. soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. xox

  6. They are so beautiful!! :) ♥ Merry Christmas!! :)

  7. they're so adorable!

    from helen at


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