Gift Guide: A Point in the Right Direction

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Buying gifts for our nearest and dearest can be so fun and exciting, especially when you find something you know they'll absolutely love! That said, it can also be stressful and frustrating when you just don't know where to start. Here's a little helping hand if you're stuck..

Scratch Map: I think this would be perfect for anyone who loves to travel and will likely encourage them to see more sights as they long to scratch off another section!!

Literature Tote Bag: I love the idea of having the words of your favourite book made into something you can have with you all the time. The website offers posters and tshirts too! 

Smash Book: I actually own one of these and absolutely love it - especially on days where I feel creative. Each book has patterned pages for different themes and a really handy half sharpie/ half gluestick pen which lets you easily whack in your memories in a fun way! The brand also do lots of stickers and other accessories that can be used in the books.

Owl Chalk Board: I also have this chalkboard as you may have already noticed in some older posts! It's so cute and would be perfect for anyone who likes to jot reminders down. I actually use mine to write little cheesy feel good quotes...

Whittard's Hot Chocolate Set: This set gives the classic hot chocolate a twist, offering flavours such as Rocky Road, Creme Brulee White Hot Chocolate (WOW!!!) and Chilli!!!! 


  1. Oh my, I want it all!! These are such great gifts!
    I'd really love to have the smash book or the hot chocolate set <3

    Lipstick and Mocha

  2. You have a great selection of gifts here! defo loving the chocolate set! haha <3

    Lucie xx
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  3. such lovely gift ideas! That hot chocolate set sounds absolutely amazing! xx

    Ioanna |

  4. amazing blog post !!!

    I love your blog its amazing

    if you have a few secounds would be great if you was to check out my blog



  5. Great ideas. xx

  6. The chocolate set seems like such a great gift! I would love it for sure! xx

    Colorful Closets

  7. Love that scrapbook! Bought one from The Range a few weeks ago to put all my travel memories in, wish I'd have seen this first! and of course I have a scratch map - which reminds me, I need to scratch Australia off!

    The Wanderlust Entries - Worldwide Travel blog

    1. Aw you should still have a look at getting one of those books, they are really cute :)!!! You could use it for something else maybe? Wow Australia!!! You'e so lucky. I've got a friend over there now and all her photos looks amazing!! xx


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