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Wednesday 24 December 2014

 It was my birthday a few days ago, which meant I had a little extra spending money. 

I actually got the framed owl picture from my best friend, but it's that cute that I just had to include it in this post! I'd eyed it up when we were out shopping months ago, it's so sweet that she remembered!

So surprise surprise, I'm an owl fan - wouldn't guess would you!? haha. With my room all white, pale pink and blue, I thought this white owl mug would sit perfectly on my chest of drawers when I spotted it in John Lewis. It's also the perfect size for a hot chocolate with the full works! You can buy the mug here for £5! I also really like this one!

Candles are also up there in my favourite things and I've wanted this Lily Flame Fairy Dust candle for a while now. It smells absolutely gorgeous and girly and is presented very nicely in its jar! You can buy it here for £12. I did spend a while umming and ahhhing over the Neom Tranquility candle. It literally smells like a spa! But it was just too much out of my price range. Ever had it?

The day after my birthday, I had a Topshop Personal Shopper experience which I highly recommend!! (I'll blog about it soon) This is the coat I got from it, which I would have never picked up myself but I just love how smart it looks on and it's very soft :) Perfect for wearing over any party outfits over the festive season and I also think the light blue colour will be great in Spring!


  1. That Fairy Dust looks heavenly! And that coat looks really warm but it looks like its really expensive haha. xx

    Colorful Closets

  2. Some really lovely purchases :) Fairy Dust looks so pretty in the larger jar xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  3. I'm a huge fan of owls too, I love that mug! Merry Christmas :) xx


  4. I adore owls too! I love your coat, the colour is perfect!
    Becky x |

  5. love your new coat tho x

  6. That owl print is so awesome, I absolutely love it! I hope you had a lovely birthday :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  7. Are you an owl fan too then?! I have sooo much owl stuff...becoming that crazy owl person xx

  8. I love all kinds of woodland creatures! :) haha there's nothing wrong with that... until you bring home a real owl o.O x

  9. Yeah I like woodland creatures :) foxes, hares etc on home stuff just looks lovely :) x


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