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Monday 19 January 2015

It's that time of year where we're all promising ourselves we'll be healthier, in an effort to shed those extra Christmas pounds we no doubt gained.. My upcoming exams have also meant that I'm stuffing my face with more chocolate than usual.. not the healthiest start to 2015 shall we say..

I was sent this rather fancy Black&Blum Lunch Box* from Utility! Utility is one of my favourite shops, selling lots of cute stationary, jewellery, home ware and other great gift ideas!! I highly recommend checking out their website!

This Box encourages me to act on 3 of my New Year resolutions; eat healthier, cook more and save money!

1. I will hopefully be using this to make healthy lunches
2. Making my own lunches will involve some experimental cooking at times
3. By making my lunch, I won't buy it out - saving!

win, win and win

The different compartments means that your soggy salad days are over!! I like to keep my dressings in the little corner compartment. The larger one is perfect for keeping your sandwiches in, or for separating hot food from cold food - yes it is microwavable too!!

The lid has a circular indent, into which you can pour your sauces for dipping! And the fork has a curved edge which you can use to cut things! I have soooo many ideas for different lunches I can make with this. It makes lunch times more exciting and I find that if I pre-prepare a healthy meal, then I'm less likely to grab something less healthy when 'Hanger' (angry/ get it) kicks in!

The first thing I made with this was a pretty simple salad with pomegranate and goat's cheese! And an olive oil, lemon & lime and black pepper dressing. Doesn't it look smart too?!

The box comes in a range of different colours and also sizes! It looks like such good quality and it's so different to other lunch boxes out there so I definitely think it's worth the £16.95 that it costs, especially since you'll be using it pretty much every day.

You can buy your very own from here :)

What kind of things do you make as a healthy lunch?


  1. Oooh that looks so nice and swish! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. Looks sooo yummy too :) xox

  3. Lunch boxes with compartments and don't leak are always so useful!


  4. This would be so helpful for me! I take salads to school and the number of times they've leaked is so annoying!! xx

    Pillarbox Post

  5. I love this! I've just bought some new food savers from Morrisons to make food easier to take to work. It's not as posh as this though!

    Corinne x

  6. I love lunch boxes like this!!! I'm a sucker for all the different compartments!

    Chrissy x

  7. Adored this post! I love your lunch box too, mine isn't so nicely sectioned! I really need to eat healthier or in general just pre make my lunch for work! I can't afford to keep buying lunch at tesco everyday! Great post :)

    Kayleigh xoxo

  8. Lunch boxes with different compartments are the best! xo

  9. I don't pack lunch since I stay at home but I try and pack my husband something healthy everyday... of course he still goes to the store and buys himself some soda and chips... which is very annoying. Sigh. At least I try :P


  10. Hey Emma, this lunch box looks great! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award - you can see your nomination here:

    I look forward to seeing your answers!

    Hannah xx

  11. This is brilliance in a plastic container. I love it!!! And I think i need that fork in my life right now. ^_^

  12. Your salad looks yum! :) I love the compartments of the lunch box, really handy that there's a specific area for sauces/ dresses xx

    Ioanna |

  13. I really need to start making healthy lunches, I spend so much on lunch each day! Lovely post. xx

  14. We must be on a wavelength or something! I actually went out and bought one of those cute, strong, medium sized clippy boxes for uni this week too! I've enjoyed filling it up with couscous way too much haha! Great minds think alike ;) Your lunch looks so healthy!

    Tash xx

  15. That looks delicious, thanks for the ideas! :) x

  16. I need to get myself something like this. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your healthy eating!

    Ami xxx

  17. This is such a good idea for sticking to healthy meals. I work from home & on location and it's so easy to nip to Nando's (or McDonalds's, classy!) and pick up something ridiculously unhealthy. Your salad looks delicious too :)


  18. I've been desperate for one of these boxes for ages but I just can't justify it at the moment. So practical though Gisforgingers xx


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