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Wednesday 24 June 2015

Last weekend I headed to Chester Zoo which meant that of course, my trusty camera came along too.I've never really photographed animals before and have since learnt that it's something I really need to work on, but nevertheless..here's a few snaps from a lovely day that did actually turn sunny by the end! Yay!

There was a sign outside the Elephants which explained how they were all related and who was whose mummy which was really cute :) 

I was absolutely freezing at the start of the day as I'm terrible at judging the weather and made a bad outfit choice so the warmth of the butterfly house seemed like the next logical place to fly to!

It was a tropical paradise in there and it wasn't long till I was peeling off the layers and carrying half of my outfit! 

It was fun spotting the different patterns and colours on the butterflies which made them fun to photograph but my goodness was this a battle! Every small child has a camera phone these days and there I was in amongst them, elbowing my way to get a good shot. No shame, no shame...

If I was a butterfly, I feel like this would be my hangout place. Gimme fooood!

Next was the Giraffes! They're so fascinating. They look like they shouldn't work but they just do! I'd love to watch one run but it didn't look like these three were going anywhere fast.

We had to wait a while for the Jaguar to come but it was worth it! It was so majestic looking, I couldn't stop taking photos but thought I'd just share with you the best of the bunch.

How cute please?!

The monkeys were probably my favourite animals to see. It is amazing how human like they can be and their balancing and climbing skills are incredible! I could watch them all day.

Obviously we popped into the aquarium to say hi to Nemo and his Dad. Would have been rude not to! See how they're waving back..

By the end of the day, we were as tired as that Rhino looks below! It's a huge zoo so meant my little legs had to do a lot of walking.

I know people have mixed feelings about Zoos, but I personally think they do a great job with conservation and educating the public! I discovered so many animal species that I had never ever heard of which is slightly embarrassing as a vet student, but it's great to have the opportunity to see them up close! I also thought their enclosures were generous in size with lots of things for the animals to do :)

I haven't been to Longleat Safari Park yet but as a previous fan of Animal Park, it's on my life 'to do' list!

Which animals do you like best when going to the Zoo?


  1. Amazing photos - I haven't been to a zoo for years! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  2. This is such a lovely post! My family live quite close to Chester Zoo, and my brother and his family live incredibly close - so close they can hear some of the animals at night (especially the lion) which I'm rather jealous of! I think Chester Zoo do a great job of conservation and education when some zoos can be a little dodgy. It's so cool that you're a vet student! I'm looking at doing an MSc at Edinburgh Uni's Veterinary School in Animal Welfare and Behaviour which will have animal neuroscience and cognition in it. :-) Hope you had a really good day xx

    Kiah - www.kiahpage.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I love seeing all the different monkeys at the zoo but I genuinely enjoy seeing all the different animals! I think as long as a zoo is well kept and the animals have large enclosures, its not inhumane. Looks like you had a fun day out (despite the cold to begin with) xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  4. I love chester zoo, i havent been yet this year, i love seeing the big cats, meerkats and snakes =]


  5. I went to Chester Zoo a few years ago and it was such a good day out! Definitely need to go back again soon :)

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  6. Aww I love giraffes! It looks like you had a brilliant day out! <3


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