The London Series: pt1 Where to stay

Saturday, 5 September 2015

I have now actually been to London. It only took me 22 years but I now no longer have to experience the look of absolute horror on peoples faces at having said I'd never been! 

It's a busy busy place and so I thought putting it all in one post would be too here's part 1 of the mini London series I plan to do!

Being a London virgin, I was taken aback at the cost of some of the hotels..especially for a half decent location for getting to places but we eventually found The Hub in Covent Garden which was so much cheaper and in the perfect spot! 

If you look closely at the art on the wall, it's actually a really cool map of London!

The reason for the cheaper price is that the rooms are very small but have everything you need and lots of clever storage space! We didn't spend that much time in the room anyway with the amount of sightseeing we did.

Other than being small, the room was really pleasant to stay in and had lots of little gadgets like this touch screen control pad.

The zesty colours remained a theme even for the toiletries!

Complimentary tea and coffee throughout your stay? Yes please! They had a great selection of different teas!

The lounge area had tablets which were free to use and meant planning the day could be done in a relaxed environment...whilst sipping on a glass of wine or two!

This was such cute idea and if I ever have my own business, I'll be sure to introduce this idea :) 

Most of the areas we visited were a short walk away. Buckingham Palace was about 15mins away so basically we were having a sleepover with Lizzie!

And for anything further, the tube was so quick and efficient and not as scary as I had thought!!!

If you're planning a trip to London, I would definitely have a look into staying here as it was such great value for money and the staff were superb!! :)

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  1. Sounds like an awesome hotel, it is so hard to find a reasonable priced in a decent location! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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