Things you come to realise in your twenties...

Saturday, 6 February 2016

1. You still haven't got a clue what you're doing and are basically winging  life - when I was little I used to look up to people in their late teens even and think they just had it together - nope, we don't.

2. You still feel like a child and are shocked when members of the public refer to you as a 'lady'

3. You and your friends are in all different stages of life - some are engaged and have children, some are working and now earning money...and here I am, still a student...

4. Your 'Granny' side starts to come through - looking at girls in teeny dresses and saying "they must be freezing"....When that was me not so long ago (and still is sometimes) and only occasionally choosing a night out over a night in

5. Home decor shops are actually really fun - I used to hate being dragged into furniture shops with my parents but now I actively choose to go in and make big plans in my head for the house I don't yet own!

6. You're still trying to find yourself - people always go on about 'finding themselves' but I believe we change all the time and that's why the people we have in our lives do too.

7. You care less about what other people think of you - definitely getting better at this one!!

8. You can name a few red, white and rose wines - still learning but it's nice to name a wine when ordering at the bar rather than just asking for 'the house white'

9. Your siblings are the closest people to you and are a blessing - I used to constantly argue and fight with my older brother but now we ring each other all the time and he's given me so much support over the last year!

10. Sleep is the best thing in the world (after food) - I literally have no idea why I used to get upset at being sent to bed early as a child.

11. Even grown ups are mean to each other - I was so shocked when my aunty told me about a colleague at work who gets bullied by fellow adults! It's sad because I always thought this sort of stuff ended after school

12. People are in your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime - someone said this to me last week and thinking back to people that have come in and out or are still about in my life, it's definitely true!

13. A year is nothing - Time seems to get faster and faster every year and it's terrifying - cherish every second

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  1. Love these! Definitely agree, we are all totally winging it, but I think that's awesome! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. I am 17 and someone called me a lady the other day and I was execuse me... Are you talking to me?!?!? Lol! Lovely post by the way x

  3. This was wonderful. Really loved it :-)

  4. Loved reading this post! It really feels weird when people refer to me as lady - I'm 22 but don't feel like a proper adult yet :) I also agree with #12, such a good quote! Sometimes it's hard to let people go but it's part of growing up and we need to accept it. x

  5. I was nodding along to all of these, so true! My mum once told me that everyone is winging it and apparently that never changes! xx



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