Germany Part one

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The other week I went to visit two of my friends that live in Germany. It's true that as we get older, it gets harder to make time to see everyone but it's always possible to make time for those that matter most...even if it means jumping on a plane - they're worth it!

Also, at £23 return can you really complain? (yes Ryanair!!!)

I brought along one of my best friends and we were impressed with Germany the moment we arrived at the train station McDonalds...sounds crazy but that's because you haven't tried their white hot chocolates yet now have you?

And did I mention they also sell muffins oozing with nutella. Makes sense now doesn't it. Can the UK McDonalds pleeaseee make note. 

Aside from gawping at any place that sold 'brotchen' and currywurst, we actually did some visiting too!!

As a surprise, our friends took us to Harz for some traditional sledging...but not like the plastic sledges we have here in the UK. The proper wooden ones you see in old fashioned films etc!

I wasn't expecting to be going anywhere snowy so it all felt quite magical and narnia like. I definitely got butterflies of excitement like a small child!!! Snow makes everything look so clean and peaceful.

They did have ski lifts, but some of us have to be bikini ready this summer, so we manned up and walked up the the snow.. dragging sledges...things got pretty sweaty but I was promised gluhwein if we made it half way.

Everyone looked so happy and it was cute seeing couples. parent and child and friends racing eachother down the slopes, some of them tumbling off!

We had snow up to our knees which meant there was a lot of tripping up (and some voluntary rolling around making snow angels)

Dare I say, I felt a little Christmassy?!! Maybe more so than I did on actual Christmas!!!

The half way point eventually came and that meant warm alcohol was the order of the day. The walking was worth it!!

Now feeling a little tipsy, we continued our journey up the mountain. Going where no sledgers had been before (because it was actually forbidden) the ski slopes!!!

 We whizzed down, dodging the skiiers and clinging on for dear life. It was sooooooo funnn!!!!

And obviously we returned to the gluhwein hut halfway down because you know, it's good to keep warm for health reasons.

Stick fairylights on anything and I'll find it adorable.

After hours of sledging, drinking and getting a LOT of bruises along the way, it was time to go home. Jeans soaking wet and muscles aching, we climbed back in the car and headed home. 

A perfect day was ended with peppermint tea, candles and blankets whilst we watched one of the best films ever made, Chocolat. 

There's definitely some days that I will always treasure because they were just that extra special and this is one of them. 

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