Time Out

Wednesday 6 August 2014

Life can very quickly seem to run away with you, leaving you feeling tired, stressed and frankly just in need of a little 'me time.'

Well after a busy couple of weeks of early starts (by early I mean getting up at 3:45am!! eeek) and hard work, a friend and I decided to take a little time out to recharge our batteries. A friend had recommended the Garage Spa and after having found an evening deal, we were booked in!

I've been to a few spas in the past but this one was the first I've seen with an outdoor area! Turns out that even in the UK you can lounge around in your bikini - does help that there's a hot tub though.

The spa has a hint of a garage theme with its 'Ferrari Facials' and a few other subtle touches. I guess this might make it slightly more appealing to stubborn males who won't admit they'd love a spa day!!

Our deal included a 25 minute treatment, so I went for the neck, back and shoulder massage - bliss!! The therapist used aromatherapy oils of which I got to choose my favourite scent at the start. This did take me a while as they all smelt so nice but I soon realised I was eating into my treatment time so went for mint and eucalyptus which is supposed to help soothe your joints and muscles!

I think it's so important to just sit back and rejuvenate sometimes. My Great Grandad always used to say "life's a whisper" so make sure you actually stop to enjoy it!

The evening was rounded off with a glass of Prosecco and some nibbles, including Brie, Salmon and Olives...mmmm

Find the Garage Spa's website here. The deal we went for was "Girls Night In."


  1. oh my that spa looks lovely! I wish this that hot tub was in my garden.x

  2. How amazing would it be!!! I'd love my own hot tub xx


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