Tuesday 2 September 2014

Here's a few photos from the last few weeks! 

1.A few of my girlies decided to catch up and do something a little different so we booked afternoon tea at a very posh hotel! The Scones were fresh out the oven and were easily some of the best I've tried! As well as all the cakes pictured above we got a silver tray of  lots of different sandwiches, including cucumber (told you it was posh!!!)

2. This is my terrapin Squirt! I've had her for about 10 years now and she's so comical at times. She always splashes me when she gets excited about feeding time. I love this photo of her, she has her leg up against the glass like she's posing - such a little diva..

3. I recently bought this jumper from Debenhams as I'm getting excited about Autumn and being able to get all cosy with cuppas and comfort food. I'm making a real effort to accessorise more often as I have so many nice things that I love but I'm just not in the habit of putting them on. This watch was a surprise Christmas present from my brother. I love Olivia Burton watches, they're so pretty.

4. This is a shot I take every time I go on this walk. I haven't been there at dusk much so I had to capture the calmness. Such a relaxing place.

5. Here I am, all smiles in the knowledge that yummy food was on its way! I love eating out, this unfortunately is a love that I can't actually afford but am always determined to do. This spontaneous two course lunch was followed by a cute little walk to a nearby river to see the ducks :)

6. And finally, here's my cheeky chocolate fudge cake (recipe below!) I am very into my baking lately, especially with GBBO on tv. I'll get healthier when I go back to uni I promise!

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