Visiting Cambridge

Monday, 15 September 2014

I spent the weekend in Cambridge to visit a friend. It consisted of beautiful views and eating lots! Some of the colleges were like something from Harry Potter and I can't believe the students get to live in such amazing buildings!

We planned to try punting on our last day but unfortunately the weather let us down, as well as the fact we were feeling rather rough from a night out..I did get plenty photos of the punts though and we even saw a married couple punting which was such a cute idea.

Saturday morning started off with the delicious fry up pictured even came with HASH BROWNS!!! A Full English essential that so many cafes forget tsk!! We also had afternoon tea this day...I regret nothing.

Sunday started off slow as we'd been out the night before and had some sleep to catch up on.We then spent all afternoon in the park having a picnic with some more friends. The rain held off long enough for us to finish eating but not long enough for us to find proper shelter so we all huddled under an umbrella that only one of us was sensible enough to remember!


  1. Aww sounds like the perfect weekend, I do love Cambridge!

    Ioanna |

  2. Those pictures are lovely, Cambridge looks beautiful! I'd love to visit, and I'm sure I'd love it - it seems similar to Oxford, which is one of my favourite places!

    x Sneha |

    1. Definitely go if you get chance :) it's very pretty x


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