10 ways to worry less

Monday 30 March 2015

I am such a worry pot. Like seriously, anyone who knows me will vouch for this. When I make plans, I like to know absolutely every little detail or I'll worry about it. It's ridiculous and unhealthy. Soooo I've been trying to take little steps to just chill out, relax and realise that things aren't actually so bad!

1. Write it down - One of my fellow worrier friends told me to do this. You know when you're lying in bed, going over and over something in your head. It's silly because there's usually nothing you can do about it at that time so write your worry on a piece of paper and then deal with it in the morning. By writing it down, you feel like you've taken some action.

2. Prioritize - Writing a check-list of whatever you're worrying about can help you work through each issue systematically and individually so it's all a little less overwhelming. Deal with one issue at a time.

3. Switch off - It can be hard to forget the worries of everyday life when you're constantly checking social media on your phone - I'm guilty of this one! I often find that watching a film or reading a book, phone free, helps me to escape a bit and unwind.

4. Talk to non-worry pots - I always feel better after talking to my more laid back friends. They make you realise that you're being a little OTT and you can really learn a lot from them. When I'm worrying over something silly, I try and think what that friend would do in my situation - would they find it a big deal?

5. Put things in perspective - Is this thing you're worrying about going to be an issue by this time next year? Most likely not! I look back a lot and realise how daft I was to worry so much about the silliest of things that no longer even matter!

6. Get moving - Exercise releases endorphins > endorphins make you happy > if you're happy then you're probably not worrying!! 

7. Distract yourself - If there's nothing you can do about your worry then just put your energy into something else - something that you enjoy, whether it's baking, reading, going to the cinema...

8. Get some headspace - During exam time, I found it hard to stop thinking about things, so as well as writing my little to do lists for the next day, I also listened to an App called Headspace, which teaches you the basics of meditation. It really helped to clear my head and the first 10 sessions are free!

9. Cuddle a pet - Studies have shown that animals decrease our stress levels. If you're feeling like things are getting a bit much and your day isn't going well for you, go and cuddle an animal. They will take your mind off things and if you realllly want, you can talk to them without any judgement!

10. Accept it - If you can do something to take control of what you're worrying about then do and if you can't, then just accept that. Is there really any point in letting something eat you up so much when either way you can't change it....plus remember that the vast majority of things we worry about never actually happen!!! :)

I realise it's not always that easy to stop worrying if it's part of your personality but I hope these tips can help a little!!

Have you got any advice about dealing with stress and worries? 


  1. I am a huge worrier, so this post was really quite helpful for me! I think it is so important to put things into perspective because the thing you are losing countless hours of sleep over right now is probably not going to affect you in a years time!


    1. Exactly :) We just have to remind ourselves of that xx

  2. Great post! I'm a huge worrier if I don't have/know the plan for any given thing! I'm a creature of habit, what can I say!

    Chrissy x

  3. Fab post, I’m exactly the same I end up worrying over anything and everything. Headspace sounds really interesting, will definitely have a search on the app store for it :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  4. I really like headspace it is a fab app! I like switching off as well, I've been doing a lot of yoga which really helps me. I think for me, a lot of it, is recognising that I'm getting into a worry spiral early! As if I get too worked up then it's hard to calm down but if I sort it early then it's a lot easier - it's definitely been working for me just trying to think, 'it's easier to stop if you don't start!' x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  5. This post really speaks to me as a fellow worrier!
    I like to remind myself 'will this matter a year from now'. If not, it is something to be really concerned about!
    I also like to unwind by reading and colouring in, which sounds childish but it works a treat for me :)

  6. I worry far too much too.. cuddling my furry friends is definitely a huge stress reliever and I find they really do help me feel less overwhelmed xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  7. thankyou for this, im a big worrier myself and everyone says so, i think these tips will help especially writing a check list :) x x


  8. Lovely post, great advice! I find it definitely helps me a lot to write things down it's the perfect way to get things off of my chest. I also love spending time with my cat as silly as it sounds she's my world haha I've had her for 11 years now :)x

    Toni x

  9. I´m such a worrier!! One of my new year´s resolutions is to worry less, so this was really useful :)

  10. Lovely post Emma! I'm SUCH a worrier and I think I've just come to accept that it's not going to change but there are things I can do to make it easier - like everything you've listed on here :)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

  11. I always worry about everything! Great post!



  12. this is so great. i suffer from anxiety and a lot of the points you made are things that i do to chill myself out- more people should be aware that having good mental health is important, both in yourself and your loved ones. its awesome you've written something that can help anyone who reads it.
    keep it up kid!x

  13. This was really helpful thank you so much for writing it! I have never thought about writing down my worries but I will start that now because lying in bed at night, my head just becomes full of stupid things that I shouldn't be worrying about! Great post, thanks :)
    Becky.x // beckybeablog.blogspot.com

  14. It so nice to get some good advice from someone going through similar life tests. Also, I can worry and stress over every little thing so this post was so helpful.


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