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Saturday 28 March 2015

Remember I said in this post that I'd post about the restaurant we went to for Rachel's birthday? Well here it is :) This is my absolute favourite place to eat so I couldn't not share the photos..it really is somewhere special!

Chadwicks Inn is tucked away in the quiet little village that is Maltby...it is also a 5 minute drive from where I live (handy ey!)

The food here never fails to impress me and you can find Chadwicks in the Michelin Guide for places to eat out!

Naturally, the first thing we did was order a bottle of White Zinfandel which went down a treat as Rachel opened her presents. 

Every time I've eaten at Chadwicks, the Chef has had some kind of special complementary appetiser to offer us. In the past we've had freshly baked breads of all different flavours, but this time we got sea salt & balsamic popcorn with some kind of fish thing. I don't actually like fish, but this place is expensive, so I didn't even ask what it was and just gulped it down! It was actually realllllly good! 

For starters, we both got a wild mushroom risotto which was light and delicious. I do love a good risotto but I've never actually tried making it at home!

The main event was chicken wellington for Rachel and pork belly for me. The pork was cooked to perfection - melt in the mouth with a tasty crispy crackling - heaaaveennn!

Now if you're going out for a meal, you have to do it properly. Not ordering dessert would be a sin. I mean, why would you make all that effort to dress up and go out and then turn down the best part?

Yep, dessert happend. Just look at it - is your mouth watering a little? Mine is.

I got this cute looking tarte tatin that was baked fresh to order...worth the extra wait I tell you!!

Rachel got a lemon tart which I tried a bit of and I found it to be quite cheesecakey - which is a good thing in my books!

Where's your favourite place to eat out? I love reading posts like this so pop your link in the comment if you've done one!


  1. This looks incredible! My mouth's actually watering at those desserts! xxx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. Its really sad that I have never eaten out at any fancy, expensive restaurants, mainly because of the fact that I have such a huge appetite and usually opt for the 'all you can eat' type places to eat! As a big food lover, I really want to eat at a Michelin restaurant to see how amazing the food tastes and I guess it gives you a pretty good excuse to dress up for the evening, something that I rarely get chance to do.. The food looks deliciously mouth watering though! :)


  3. Looks like lots of delicious food, yummy! There are a couple of local pubs that I really enjoy visiting xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  4. *wipes drool* everything looks to die for!


  5. White Zinfandel is my favourite wine as well :)

  6. That looks amazing! The perfect place to celebrate Rachel's birthday, by the look of it. xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  7. Yumm, this looks so good! I love a good local place like this. Definitely one to get dessert, you have to when you are out for a birthday and tarte tartin looks amazing! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


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