May Degustabox - take a peek!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

I love food and I love surprises so Degustabox was always something I'd been keen to try and after seeing that their April box containted Kinder chocolate and Nando's crisps, I couldn't resist!!

The box costs £12.99/month including delivery. I was really impressed with the delivery service as I got a text the night before which told me the box would arrive and that I could rearrange this if it didn't suit. On the day of arrival I got a text telling me what time my box would arrive and I could even track where the driver was....little stalkerish but handy!

Within seconds of shutting the door, I ran for some scissors and tore open the box like a young child (me still) on Christmas Day.

Inside there was: 

I have to admit that I found the theme a little confused at first...sort of barbecuey but then some health snacks? That didn't matter though because I've found some real gems amongst this bunch!

As a student, I eat a lot of stir frys so I wasn't too excited about these...until I tried them! So much more tasty than your usual stir fry and you just have to add a couple ingredients, making it super easy and quick to make a tasty meal. A great student dish and one I'll be popping in my trolley in the future!

(Just keep scrolling to the next picture to skip the rant)
So the whole Eatwater branding of Slim Pasta hasn't got me sold. I think there's so many fad products out there trying to get us to lose weight (don't even get me started on those detox teas) and I do think the best way to lose weight is a healthy diet and exercise. The pasta is carb, fat, sugar and gluten free which leaves me wondering what is actually left? I haven't tried this yet so I may go back on everything I've just said...

These are one of the gems. Caramel filled Dutch waffles that you warm up on your cup of warm tea or coffee. These are a great afternoon snack! I've been getting through these at an unhealthy rate..just too good! A little different to your standard tea-and-biscuit combo!

I love 9bars! I found that these actually fill me up, unlike a lot of cereal bars out there and they're packed with nutritious seeds and dried fruits. 

Another gem.. I've used this on burgers, chips and even mixed in rice! It's got a mouthwatering tangy sweet honey barbecue all american flavour! Perfect for the barbecue season!

Okay so balsamic vinegar is what it is really...I haven't tried this but I can't say it has me excited.

The Honey and Soy marinade is something else I'll be buying again. It's an  easy way of adding some flavour to your food and feels like a bit of a treat! 

I'm waiting to get through my Weetabix before I try Protibrick which is apparently the same but boosted with proteins which I hope will keep me feeling fuller for longer than normal Weetabix does!!

And to finish off, well I haven't tried the ginger beer yet so I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day to sit out and enjoy that :)

Overall, I'm really impressed with what I got this month, even though I wasn't so sure initially! I think the chocoholic in me was a little disappointed though. Everything in the box is worth more than what I paid for it so you just have to trust that you'll love what they send you. I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys trying new foods and drinks which I'm sure by now, you'll realise that I do!!

Have you ever tried Degustabox? Has anything caught your eye?


  1. I have never heard of degustabox before so this post was very informative!
    I am also sceptical of anything which brands itself as calorie free, surely that means nutrition free too!

  2. Oh wow, so many things! Stroopwafels <3 <3

  3. The 9Bars, BBQ sauce and stir fry packs sound really lovely, what a great way to try new products xx

    Ioanna |

  4. Oh wow - I have never heard of this box before but it's great to see such a variety!! :)

    Layla xx

  5. I tried that slim pasta before and it didn't agree with me at all. I think it doesn't get digested very well or at all so that's how it works. Stroopwafels are one of my favourite dutch treats though! Yum!

    { }

    1. Oh, yeah that doesn't sound very good. I still haven't tried it yet!!! xx


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