Summer Ball: What I wore

Monday 15 June 2015

Last Saturday was my Vet School's Summer Ball. I'd never been to one before so got quite excited and decided to make an effort since the course rarely gives us opportunity to be all dressed up and know, with all this arms up the backsides of cows business!

I'm terrible at hair so decided to get a hairdresser to do me a pretty up do :) I asked for something braided and up but quite soft and messyish! I was pleased with the end result and you can find the hairdresser's instagram here - she's Liverpool based! 

I went for quite simple make up as my dress was quite glitzy :)

Highlighter: Benefit's High Beam

Mascara: Mac False Lashes

Lipstick: Mac Blankety

Phewww.. seems like a lot of make up when I type it all out like that! But there's the full list :) My earrings* are from Absolute Pearls and can be found here!

And now for the dress!!!

So I know people usually say that petite girls don't suit long dresses but I reaaaaallly wanted to wear one and feel all princess like, so I just got one anyway :) I got this beauty from Coast! I felt like Cinderella wearing that shade of blue! I also had some sparkly silver shoes which are hidden away but peeped out every now and again, or when I'd trip over (often.) My shoes can be found and seen here at Dorothy Perkins. I can't find a link to the matching clutch bag but they did have lots in the shop! Also, how lovely and pretty do my friends all look!! 

The venue was beautiful. Picture a huge white marquee with coloured bunting, pomspoms and flowers!! The food was delicious too but I feel like I've rambled on about food a lot lately on my blog so thought I'd give you something a little different!

What do you all think?


  1. You looked beautiful, I love your hair and dress - it's very Jenny Packham!

    Lisa | Not Quite Enough

  2. Love the hair and your dress is gorgeous! x

    Under Blue Lights

  3. You look amazing! I especially love the hair - it's gorgeous. I can't wait for my summer ball next year... haven't been to one for a few years! x

    Imogen //

  4. So gorgeous. I absolutely love your hair do. It's complex & beautiful. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. Your hair looks amazing and I love your make up and dress too, you look beautiful! xx


  6. Love your hair, and that dress is stunning! I feel you - I'm not the tallest either, but why should that stop us shorties from rocking long dresses? :)

    A Little Twist Of…

  7. So lovely! I adore your hair <3

  8. You look beautiful =]

  9. You looked so gorgeous! Your hair is just amazing. I wish I got a proper summer ball like that!

    Rachael at

  10. you look so beautiful! I really love how your hair as done!


  11. You look amazing, I particularly love your hair :)

  12. You look really stunning girl!

  13. Your hair looks absolutely stunning in the updo and your dress is so pretty - you look beautiful :) sounds like you had a lovely Summer ball xx

    Ioanna |


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