Blogger Meal and Why the kitti app helped so much!

Thursday 2 July 2015

Last week, a few of the blogger girls I met at both the The Body Shop meet up and nw bloggers meet up, got together for food, cocktails and giggles at The Smugglers Cove on the Albert Dock! 

I love the maybe not-so-subtle ship theme of the restaurant and the fact that there's always live music every night!!! A great place to catch up and admire the views of the dock - especially at night!

It was soooo hot that day that we arrived pretty much shouting I NEED A DRINKKKKK!! Cocktails were a definite as soon as we booked at this place to be honest as they're so deliciously good!

Pineapple and Peach mojito is a personal favourite of mine!

Cheers girlies!

Laura's Chicken Liver pate arrived presented in the most original way I've ever seen. Such a lovely touch which made the evening feel a bit more special!

The red debit card has been put in this photo for a reason...more on that a few scrolls down :)

I'm not usually a seafood fan but I'm so proud of myself for branching out and ordering calamari - yep I actually ate squid and do you know what, it actually tasted really nice! 

Onto the next cocktail! I could feel this one pretty much as soon as I'd taken one sip. The Mint and Passion Fruit Daiquiri certainly has a kick to it, you have been warned!

Katy's yummy deli platter

You can't really go wrong with steak can you! I got full quite quickly though and was genuinely upset I couldn't finish this!! I love my food so I hate when my appetite goes all rubbish and lets me down :(

Sarah, Jemma and Laura - cuties!

Katy, me and Holly :)

As you can see, Laura was pretty merry after a few Zombies - Jemma too but she's hiding it well!!

I never thought I'd meet any other bloggers in person so it's been great making friends with people who don't judge me for taking a million photos of the same thing and stopping them eating their food until after I've documented it!!

Now, onto the app! Basically Kitti* is an app powered by Santander that allows a number of people you choose to all pay into the 'kitti' towards a particular event you're planning. For us, it was this blogger meal. Someone creates the kitti, in this case it was Jemma, and then invites other members to the group. 

It costs 35p to pay into the app which is reasonable considering the app itself is free to download.

There is a time limit set so that people all get a move on and pay in. The money then goes onto the red card you saw pictured above, ready to spend! 

It was so much easier and quicker paying for the meal all in one go, without faffing on working out who owes how much and who needs how much change - we've all had that carry on!

You can find the app here!

*honesty is the best policy so I just want to make it clear that we did all add money to app but were also given some extra in return for reviewing the app - all my thoughts are what I genuinely think though :) - cause I if a student could actually afford steak without a little help - it's a hard life!


  1. Aww you all look lovely and that app sounds really interesting actually - feel like it's so useful for when you're going out with the girls. Oh and all those dishes look amazing! x

  2. This place looks amazing! the app sounds very interesting x


    New Post

  3. What a cool little app! Does sound like a wise idea for meals out with folks!!
    And it's great that you guys got to meet up - I definitely need to meet up with fellow bloggers sometime this year...

    A Little Twist Of…

  4. Wow the food and drinks at this place look amazing! Lovely post :)


    Alice x

  5. That app sounds like a life saver for events with friends/family!
    Thanks for the heads up :)


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