Lets go glamping!

Tuesday 7 July 2015

"What could we do next? Hmm maybe we could try glamping?"....and a few days later we were booked in at Camp Katur; a fairytale-like glamping village in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Our mini break started of the way any good one should - with a nice traditional picnic! Out came the cheeseboard, pate, fresh bread, crackers and cherries mmmm.
The camp wardens gave us a friendly welcome and directed us to some wheelbarrows to help carry our luggage to the tent as no cars are allowed on the meadow. This actually made it all quite fun :)

This is our Bell Tent called Tinker Bell! Tom wasn't informed of this until we actually got there haha..

The décor was right up my street with cute little tea lights, lanterns and flowers! I spent a good while calling everything cute before wandering off to nosey at explore the rest of the camp site.


Completely in my element here!!

Look at its cute little chimney!!
To get to the toilet/shower block, we had to walk across the meadow where there were butterflies flittering about all over and two big oak trees like this one in the middle!

There was a sort of hippy feel about the place which was very relaxing :)

This is the lifeeeeeee

If a bell tent isn't for you then there are lots of other styles of accommodation on offer such as teepees, hobbit pods, safari tents and geodomes - I took some pics for you further down, keep scrolling!

The lovely communal outdoor eating area!

This hobbit pod had a bbq in the middle which you could hire for a few hours at a time. I think it'd be ideal for a big group of friends! There was also an outdoor campfire so you could get those marshmallows at the ready!!

Is it just me that gets a Shire vibe from this place? Hippys, fairytales, LOTR - I can't make my mind up about what this place felt like but it was magical!

This is one of their Geodomes...they had one that was all glass in the middle of the woods for those who really wanted a more 'out there' experience!! I haven't made my mind up about this one but I guess it would be nice on a clear night to fall asleep with the stars above you...awwww.... 

One of the safari tents! I think these could hold quite a lot of people and had proper sofas and beds inside so you could even drag your friends that are less fond of camping!

Was basically like a scene from Twilight strolling through here..

If you wanted an extra luxurious stay, you could hire out the eco spa which had a sauna and hot tub

There was meant to be thunderstorm on its way so we made the most of the sun and played scrabble whilst we could. It got to the point where I was regretting not having bought meat for the bbq as it was so hot and sunny and the people next to us had just started one...but in true british style, the sky went dark, the temperature dropped and the rain pelted down!!! We ran inside the tent and watched the thunder and lighting from the tent - what an experience!!

Since a bbq was off the cards, we found a local pub to fill our tums. I 'wasn't that hungry' so just ordered a massive fish and chips and ate the lot.... you know how it is!

It was freezing when we got back but the log fire sorted that out along with the tea lights and lanterns for a cosy atmosphere..add a Benjamn Francis playlist and you have yourself bedtime perfection.
I trecked across the meadow at 4am for a night time wee (we all have them) and the sky was already light yet the moon was still out! There was a mystical white mist above the long grass and I could hear owls hooting in the trees. I've never experienced anything like it and I wish I'd taken my camera with me to capture it!!
I would definitely go glamping again and am keen to find other places that offer this, so if you know any good one let me know in the comments :)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing time! The tent was absolutely adorable and I love all of the finishing touches. I want to go now!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com

  2. I'd quite happily move into that tent, or the hobbit pod. If I had wifi, then I'd be sorted.
    Looks such fun!!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  3. Wow, this looks like something I would love to do, thank you for sharing! Everything looks so cute : )

    Kathryn | nimblenote.blogspot.com

  4. Oh wow, it looks gorgeous =] I really want to go glamping


  5. Looks delightful!
    I have always fancies glamping!

  6. oh my goodness this looks amazing! Everything is just so cute! I'm definitely going to look into this, sounds like you had a lovely time too! :)

    Soph x | www.avenuedesophie.co.uk

  7. This looks wonderful! I've wanted to go Glamping for years but never had the opportunity. I camp often but I love the luxury of this, especially the warmth of the fire. It looks like you had a really lovely time.

    Ami xxx

  8. Glamping is definitely up my street - this looks like so much fun and the perfect way to unwind without technology etc. getting in the way. It all sounds lovely! xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  9. It looked like you had a lovely time and the sight looked super too! I would love to try glamping; as never been before.



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