What 2015 has taught me

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Some of these are very random but I wanted to pick things personal to me this year based on real events (haha sounds like a film now doesn't it)...

1. Check your car often. Lets just say brake fluid is essential and it's not so great when the container in your car that contains it decides to burst!!! I also found myself driving back in the fog at night wondering why it was impossible to see and then got home to find one of my headlights wasn't working.

2. How you think is how you feel. I have had trouble with anxiety and worrying and this is something I've worked really hard to fight this year because otherwise it takes over your life. I've learnt that I can control how I feel so it's best to think positive so that you feel that way too :)

3. Time is getting faster. I know this is something people always say but remember when a year used to feel like such a long time? It's almost new year's eve but I remember my last one so vividly. I find it scary sometimes but it's also a reason to try and enjoy the present and not think too much into the past or future.

4. Blogging should be fun. I've had my blog for almost 18 months now and I'm so pleased I've kept it up. I do sometimes get a bit stressed at not having much material or time to make it as good as I'd like but then I remember that it's meant to be a fun hobby for me to enjoy and everything else that comes with it really is a bonus.

5. Go for it, even if it's a little scary. There are so many opportunities that present themselves to us everyday and I know there's stuff I've turned down because I've been too scared/anxious/worried about it. I've signed myself up to go to India to do some charity work next summer and I am absolutely terrified but I'm hoping it's something I'll look back at and be glad I did. Hopefully, I'll feel like Julia Roberts on Eat, Pray, Love and come back a more spiritual person who knows who they are....or maybe not!

6. There are some particularly good souls out there. The news is always full of depressing stories but we should also remember that there are a lot of lovely people out there. Recently, a family member took ill whilst getting a haircut and despite the salon being stupidly busy, the barber drove said family member home and even rang that evening to see they were okay!!

7. I don't need to wear make up every day. If you had asked me to step out the house without make up a few years ago, I would have point blank refused. I was so self concious about my skin and worried about people judging me, But then I realised how little I focus on other people's skin and never noticed their spots so I figured it must be the same for everyone else..we're all too busy worrying about ourselves! My skin has got so much better by giving it a break and letting it breathe and I no longer care if people do judge. Live your own life!

8. Taste buds change so keep trying different foods. This year I have found a love for prawns, squid and olives; all three of which I used to bork at the thought of. I love food so having an even wider option of foods I can eat is definitely a bonus :)

9. How to be a bit more money savvy. I spent a little bit too much on a trip to London not that long ago. It was the first time I'd been there (yes I know I couldn't believe it took me that long either).. and I got a bit overexcited. Looking at my bank account was heartbreaking so I have since made an effort to stop impulsive shopping. I wrote post about my money saving tips here.

What have you taken from 2015?

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  1. Great post - reflecting on the year is something I do a lot between Christmas and New Year - it's always a good chance to think back on what you have achieved and how far you've come. Volunteering in India sounds amazing - I'd love to hear all about it.

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  2. Great list - oh my god number 1 - I always hated it when I realized I didn't tank up and was on the highway in bumper to bumper traffic! Luckily, I never actually ran on empty, but what a stressful experience. Now that I live in a city and have no car, at least I have one less thing to worry about! And Yes, blogging SHOULD Be fun! Happy NYE lady!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  3. Lovely post! I can relate to a few of these especially the blog one, sometimes I really wanna just delete my blog but I actually love it and put so much effort into it that that would be a massive mistake. Also agree with the trying new foods! I constantly try and do this and I think it's healthy to do so too! awesome blog xxx


  4. 4th and 7th for SURE. I don't know why but I giggled a little at no 1, haha. I hope you have a lovely New Year, Emma, Cheers to 2016!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

    Moved to: http://www.themayden.com

  5. I love reading these posts (which is why I just did one similar on my blog haha)! YES to checking your car often - My lights and windscreen wipers both broke within the past month and I didn't realise until I actually needed them aka when it was dark/raining insanely hard!

    Well done for realising that you don't need to wear makeup all of the time! Sometimes there are things way more important (and fun) to do than putting on foundation :) You're beautiful as you are.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  6. Great tips and inspiration. I hope you complete all your goals for 2016.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  7. I love this post. I'm with on on checking your car too, I'm so bad at assuming everything is going to be OK then realising I have NO oil oops! They do say time gets faster as you get older too, I'm trying to fit loads more into my days this year though. Totally agree that blogging should be fun, I never blog because I have to or because people are expecting a post, only when I WANT to. I look forward to reading your blog this year lovely.

    Ami xxx

  8. Awesome post.


  9. I'm really starting to appreciate make-up for the difference it makes versus your normal appearance e.g. when you go out for something special. I think it's nicer to save that glamorous contrast for an occasion, so you can show people something they're not used to ;).

    I also love the balance of your blog btw - it's good to give it a rest when it needs it. However I like how chill but also thought-provoking your posts are. It's like you just come out with all of those random things that are on my mind even though I never think to ponder on them. I read your blog even though I don't comment much :)

    And about spending too much in London... give me a break! I could totally tell by your posts that you were SO ecstatic to be here, so think of it like this: You just made up for coming so late by spending the amount you would have spent in prior visits in one go during a time of your life when you could appreciate it so much :-)


    Tash xxx



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