A Few Snaps from Christmas

Saturday 26 December 2015

I hope everybody had the merriest of  little Christmases yesterday :) Here's a few snaps from my Christmas..

I still get pretty excited and can't sleep on Christmas Eve, so I tried to unwind with a festive read and bath bomb :)

Cosy PJs are an absolute Christmas Eve essential. 

And it always helps to have a nice cosy bed to climb into!

By the morning, my teddy was joined by this lovely Christmas Angel, bought by my mum, along with a polar bear cushion to match my winter bedding. I used to hate going into home decor shops when I was little but now I am almost obsessed with making rooms look pretty!

After exchanging gifts, I got changed into this outfit which I love and am trying to get as much wear out of before Spring arrives! 

Whilst the turkey roasted, we watched films and ate too many nibbles - I had promised myself I would be a bit more sensible this year, but of course that failed miserably. You know how it is!

My mum is a fabulous cook and made this Christmas Wreath salad for starters along with smoked salmon terrine mmmm.. definitely one for philadelphia lovers!

The main event was amazing as always! We've always eaten at home on Christmas Day and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My Aunty, Uncle and Cousin spent the day with us along with their three dogs, so we all went for a refreshing dog walk to look at all the Christmas lights before collapsing onto the sofa for some more film watching :)

All the best for 2016 everyone!!!

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  1. This is such a lovely idea, I wish I'd taken some more photos over Christmas now, I didn't take one though... bad blogger.

    Ami xxx


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