What I got for my Birthday

Sunday 20 December 2015

I know these posts are a little controversial and can be seen as bragging, but I like to read them and I'm also so thankful for everything that I got that I do want to show people :) Also with Christmas coming up, you might get some last minute gift ideas.

So yesterday it was my birthday and I turned 23...I am absolutely terrified at how quickly time is going and how much I don't feel like an adult. I was spoilt rotten by my family and friends so here is some of what I got...

I always have cold hands so my friends got me some gloves that you can plug in and there are little heat pads inside of them that heat up! I had no idea they existed but I now feel lost (freezing) without them. I love the colours and the cute little button on them.

You can never have enough cosy pyjamas, especially at this time of year so I was over the moon to get two this year. The top ones I picked out and are from House of Fraser. I am a sucker for owls and stags.

And then Tom got me these ones from Fat Face which is one of my favourite shops but often out of my price range. The stars give them a festive feel without being so Christmassy that I can't wear them all year round - which I will be!

This gorgeous scarf is off one of my gorgeous friends :) It's from Accessorize which is also another favourite shop of mine. Patterns like this are timeless so I'm sure I'll get plenty of use out of it.

I was actually looking to buy one of these for one of my friends so I know you can get them from Paperchase but also online. I've tried writing diaries in the past but then worried about being too open and people reading it so I like how this one only requires you to write one sentence every day. I guess then I can say enough to trigger my own memory without giving too much away if anyone else had a nosey. It'll be nice to look back at over the years and I love the shade of blue it is. 

I'm at an age where I've realised a quick going over with a wet wipe is just not enough skincare wise. I love getting skincare products so I was over the moon to get this box from my brother and girlfriend. I've only every tried the hot cloth and polish cleanser from Liz Earle and I loved the smell so I'm excited to try out some of her other products. 

Black XS is a scent I always find myself going back to . I'm rubbish at describing smells so I'm not even going to attempt to but if you spot this in a shop, have a spray because it really does smell sooooo goooood!

I've never tried anything from The Balm Cosmetics but I've always loved their packaging and found myself picking their stuff up and then reluctantly putting it back on the shelf. All the shades look very wearable so I'll have fun playing with different looks with this. 

 You may have seen in my last post that I bought myself the Soap and Glory "whole she-bang" box, but one thing it didn't include was this body spray. It's a nice size to pop in my handbag for a quick spray throughout the day so I can stay smelling lovely :)

This French Connection nail varnish and lip-gloss set has a good range of shades for all occasions and I'll definitely be using the sparkly ones over Christmas! I've only just started to wear stuff on my lips so I'm excited to try all of these out.

I think people know me far too well! More skincare goodies yay :) I'm going to keep this set for a pamper night in I think. It contains everything to be able to do your own facial!

I LOVE all things Kinder, especially if it's hippo shaped. I used to always get these after school and scoop out all the filling before eating the shell mmmm....

This mascara has been my favourite of 2015 and will probably stay that way next year too! 

And finally, I just wanted to share this cute Nutella recipe book I got. I have been known to eat the stuff straight from the jar with a spoon...and I mean eating like half of it at a time, not a few mouthfuls. I'll post some of my favourite recipes on here as I work my way through it :) My first attempt is already chilling in the fridge and I've not even had this 24 hours!!!

I'd just like to say a massive thank you for all of these kind gifts and to everyone involved in my birthday in any way. I am very lucky to have the friends and family I do :)


  1. Happy belated Birthday! I hope you had a lovely time celebrating. You received such lovely presents, love the look of the theBalm nudes palette! xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  2. i love these types of posts! you got such lovely things:-) i hope you had a lovely birthday:-)xx


  3. Happy birthday lovely! Those gloves are just totally genius, I definitely need to get some!!

    Jasmin Charlotte x

    1. They're fab aren't they!!! :) thank you xx

  4. Gloves that you can charge up to keep you warm? What a brilliant idea!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  5. Happy belated birthday! You got some amazing things! I love roller lash by benefit also always wanted to try the one line a day book! Hope you had a great day x


  6. I do absolutely not see it as bragging, I love these types of posts! What amazing presents - I can't believe gloves like those really exist! Genius!
    Happy belated birthday and merry Christmas!

    Sofie xx

  7. I love these kinds of posts. You've been well and truly spoiled. I think the PJs are my favourite although I love the idea of the One Line A Day book, I've made a resolution to take a photo a day next year.

    Ami xxx


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