A trip to York: Hidden gems

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

 My brother and his girlfriend have come to visit for Christmas so we all decided to go to York for a spot of Christmas shopping. It is the perfect city for getting that festive feel as there's always lots of German market stalls dotted about the cobbled streets. 

We soon found ourselves in the Yorkshire Soap Company's shop as the lovely smells and Christmas music drew us in. They sell bath bombs, soaps and candles as well as body lotions etc. 

I loved how their products looked like little cakes :) People were walking round with silver trays where you could place the bits you wanted to buy.

They have so many different scents that you're bound to find something for everyone. Whether or not you want it to have a festive theme. I thought these little gingerbread men soaps were adorable.

I was on a mission to smell absolutely everything! Anything with lavender tends to be a winner with me.

But in the end, I went for a Christmassy bath bomb which I'm trying to save for Christmas Eve. The snowman heads were comical but I liked the scent of the ones to the left of it better, with a little snowflake on top!

I've just had a quick google and it turns out you can buy their stuff online, so here is the link if you're interested. I thought it was such a nice shop that I wanted to share it in case you find yourselves in York!

After a bit more shopping, we stopped at Spring Espresso to refuel. I'd never been there before but turns out they do excellent coffee and have won awards for it - a hidden gem!

(the weather was pretty awful as you can see)

You can't beat a hand warming drink in December!

The food was amazing! I was actually really impressed with their selection of baked goods. There was more than this but nobody could resist long enough for me to take more photos haha.

I wasn't feeling like my usual sweet tooth self, so went for a goats cheese and chutney sandwich which, as you can see from the photo, was pretty excellent. That bread mmmm...

Anyway, I feel like this post was pretty random but I felt like these two places were good finds and highly recommend you stop if/when you visit York!

Have you found any hidden gems in York?


  1. I've never been to York, though now I really want to!

    The soap shop looks adorable, and the layout kind of reminds me of Fred and George's trick shop from Harry Potter. If I were there, I would probably have gotten enough soap to pass down to my grandkids!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  2. Hi Emma,

    Next time you're in York, here's two more hidden gems for you to check out: The Perky Peacock in a medieval Postern Tower at the railway end of the Lendal Bridge and Harlequin/The Attic in King's Square, right in the centre of York. Both serve amazing coffee and great food!


    1. Thanks Brian, will remember those two!

  3. I've never been to York before but this has made me really want to go. That sandwich looks good too, it's made me crave a really crusty sandwich now, I'm sure we've got plenty of Turkey to go in it!!

    Ami xxx


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