How to be a morning person

Saturday 14 May 2016

I am that extremely annoying person that's up at the crack of dawn and is irritatingly chirpy (most of the time). Skipping down the stairs, dancing around the kitchen, the odd twirl here and there.... Here's a few tips on making the start of your day less of a challenge!

1. Leave a little gap in your curtains so the natural light wakes you up. I always feel so much fresher if I wake up naturally compared to having an alarm screaming in my ear!

2. Make your bed as soon as you get up. It'll stop you being tempted to jump back in, make your room instantly look tidier and you'll already start to feel productive.

3. Open your curtains wide to let in all the light :)

4. Plan a delicious motivates me to do a lot of things, getting out of bed is one of them. I recommend trying my  Lazy one pan mexican brunch  or cheesy bacon and egg cups!

5. Make a feel good playlist to listen to whilst getting ready. Here's some of my favourites to start the day *warning: they're pretty cheesy*:

Yes they're all soundtracks from films...what can I say, I like to pretend my life is a movie...

6. Jump in the shower (and the blood starts pumpin') - Dolly Parton knows the score...there's nothing like a shower to wake you up. Singing and dancing helps.

7. It's common sense really but having an earlier night really does make a difference to how you feel in the morning. Know how many hours you need to feel decent and make sure you get them. I aim for 7hrs minimum - we're all different.

8. Get up around the same time every day - routine is key! I usually wake up around 7-8am during the week and usually end up getting up around then at the weekend too. Have to make the most of any time off :)!!!

If you'be got any other tips, let me know in the comments!!

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  1. Love this! I'm such a morning person and I always leave a gap open in my blinds, especially now Summer's on the way - it just makes me feel so much better! :) x

  2. I find natural light makes me less lethargic and more productive. I draw the curtain wide open in the morning to help me feel upbeat.


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