Lazy One Pan Mexican Brunch

Sunday 1 May 2016

Sundays are made for brunching, but this can get pricey if you always eat out. I decided to throw a few delicious ingredients into a pan and make up my own! It's perfect for those of you who hate washing up (does anyone not hate it?) and you can use up pretty much anything in your cupboards.

My concoction requires the following ingredients (serves 2 very hungry people):

1 sliced red pepper
1/4 of a chorizo chopped
Tomato puree
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
1 tin of chickpeas, drained
1 tsp honey
Spices (I used cumin and piri piri spice)
Mixed herbs
1 chopped red chilli
2 eggs
Grated cheddar

1. To start, heat some olive oil in a pan and fry your red peppers till they're soft and have a slight charcoaled edge to them. Then add your chopped chorizo and fry for about 2-3mins.

2. Add a squeeze of tomato puree and then chopped tomatoes, before mixing in all of your chosen spices and chopped chilli. Just use as much as you want, but I think this dish works well with lots of heat!!

3. Chuck in the chickpeas and then stir in the honey for a bit of extra sweetness then leave to simmer for 3 minutes.

4. Part the mixture and crack in a couple eggs and then cook for a further 5 minutes or until the eggs are cooked.

5. Sprinkle on the grated cheese and serve straight from the pan with some warm crusty bread for dipping!!!  I bet toasted tortillas would also work well here.

ENJOY!!! :)

If you're a big brunch fan then why not try my cheesy bacon and egg breakfast cups?

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  1. I love one pan/pot dishes!

  2. This looks absolutely amazing! x

  3. Looks absolutely cracking Em, Claudi and I will definitely be testing this out :p xx

  4. Oh yum - if I had seen this sooner I'd have been making this for brunch! Saving this recipe for next weekend, it looks like a perfect lazy sunday meal!

    Laura xx | Loved By Laura


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