The Most Delicious White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Monday, 28 November 2016

It was one of my friend's birthday recently so of course, this called for a cake. But not just any cake, this one had to be super duper extra special! I searched far and wide on the internet (slight exaggeration but you get me) until I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe on BBC Good Food. White Chocolate and Raspberry...I mean you just can't go wrong with such a classic combination.

Enough babbling, this is what you'll need to make it:

For the cake
200g Unsalted Butter 
100g White Chocolate
4 Large Eggs
200g Caster Sugar
200g Self-raising Flour
175g Raspberries

For the Ganache
200g White Chocolate
250ml Double Cream
A little bit of Icing Sugar


(1) Preheat the oven to 180C and then grease and line two standard size cake tins. Chop up the butter into small chunks along with the white chocolate and then let it melt over a bowl of boiling water.

(2) When the butter and chocolate have melted into a heavenly bliss, allow it to cool for a couple minutes, before beating in the eggs and sugar with a whisk. 

(3) Sift and fold in the flour and raspberries.

(4) Divide the mixture between the two cake tins and place in the centre of the oven for 20-25mins. 

(5) Once the cakes are ready, allow them to cool whilst you get started on the ganache!

(6) Chop up your remaining chocolate and add 100ml of double cream. Place them over a bowl of hot water and allow the chocolate to melt into the cream. Once it's melted, allow it to cool before adding the remainder of the cream.

(7) Whisk the mixture until it's light and fluffy. Once the cakes are cool, spread the ganache between the two cakes, making a sandwich. I had so much ganache that I also put some on the top, chucked on some spare raspberries and dusted on the icing sugar.

Et voila!!!

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