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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Beautiful Clovelly

One of my highlights this summer has been visiting around the UK for placements that are part of my Uni course. My favourite place so far has been Devon and I'm already desperate to go back! Pictured above is the gorgeous little village that is Clovelly. It's unique in that there's no cars and it's all on a slope so the villagers have to carry things up on little sledges. I sat with my friend down by the harbour with a pint of cider (an absolute must down country) and took in the stunning view!! Definitely one of the cutest places I've been too.

Cream Tea!

Since being back up North, I've had a nearly constant craving for scones! Tesco's finest cherry scones are really good but nowhere near as scrummy as this one from Tea on the Green was! I lurrrve clotted cream. And it turns out there's a bit of a debate over whether you put your cream on first (the Devonshire way) or your jam on first (the Cornish way.) I vote the Cornish way - sorry Devon!

Bude Beach

One of my favourite nights was sitting on the beach with a bag of white chocolate cookies and a bottle of Elderflower and Lime Koppaberg and watching the sunset on Bude beach - Just wow!

And this is just me being a child :)

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