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Friday, 28 August 2015

I've just come back from an amazing ten days in France with my friend to visit family. I usually go every year and it's my little bubble away from home. There's basically no wifi (except for if you're prepared to hang out of the top bedroom window) which provides even more escape from the happenings of the rest of the here's a few snaps from my getaway by the sea :)

Every morning, the sun poured in through the shutters..

We started each day with a 5 mile walk along the beach to make us feel a little less guilty about the amount of food we were indulging in!

But sometimes these walks just ended up in us indulging some more! If you like pina colada...

Is that stuck in your head now?!

White sand, blue sea and palm trees! What more could you want? perhaps..

We went for a selection of tapas because I'm greedy and like to try everything!

I've never been a fan of seafood or fish but I have been converted into a king prawn lover after trying these battered beauties.

And I ate actual squid without batter on so I couldn't even pretend it wasn't squid!

This photo makes me laugh because on this particular day, my uncle was supposed to be taking me and Rachel out for lunch...but it somehow ended in us all getting very tipsy after a few rounds of cocktails with no lunch ever eaten!

Now imagine what a 12 euros fruit salad looks like.....

Go on picture it clearly in your head.....

Silver platter with lots of exotic fruits? Yeah I thought so too but instead we got this glass..

Which actually was really yummy but I do think it was a bit overpriced..

As well as a being a new lover of prawns, I have also discovered the joys of a 'nana nap' since being away! Honestly, lying in the sun doing nothing all day makes you so tired! Do you ever feel like the less you do, the more tired you are?

Here we are catching the rays! :) We did manage to drag ourselves away from the beach to go to a waterpark and also canoeing which sadly I couldn't get photos of!!

Next stop is London!!! Photos to come soon :)

Hope you've all had a fab summer!

The Forbidden Corner

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hidden away somewhere in North Yorkshire is the Forbidden Corner... a maze full of mythical creatures, riddles and screams and giggles!

But first lets start with the important stuff...THE FOOD!!!

Right next to The Forbidden Corner is a lovely restaurant called The Saddle Room. It has a horsey/stable feeling to it as the name itself suggests and they serve the most delicious food!

Without sounding ridiculous, that salad was actually my favourite part of the meal (and I loved the steak!) That dressing with parmesan though <3....

Okay celebration of food over..

Off we go into the unknown!!

Well not completely the unknown as we had this trusty little map to make sure we didn't miss all of the exciting bits!

You have to start off feeling pretty brave as this is the entrance!! 

If you want to see a talking horse, this is the place to go!

There's lots of pretty areas with flowers and gorgeous views in the sunshine but also paths that run deep underground in narrow tunnels of various sizes with dark corners and twists..

It really is a place full of the unexpected so I won't ruin it too much!

Even though I had been here before, we still managed to get a bit lost!

The Mausoleum had me sweating a bit..not sure it's very kid friendly as I shuffled through, clinging onto Tom!

But if you're curious to know what's inside, you'll just have to go and see!

As well as creepy bits, there's plenty of humour :)

Casually riding a wild biggie..

If you find the normal garden a bit boring, this is one to go too as there really is something for people of all ages and it's just a bit different! I have never been to anywhere like this and it's great great fun!

The link to the website is here, it's best to pre-book as it's very popular :)

Pretty, cute and delicious life happenings

Saturday, 1 August 2015

It feels like forever since I last blogged. I thought that with the summer holidays coming up, I'd be blogging almost daily but you know how it gets busy and things keep getting put off!! So rather than post a million things, I thought I'd summarise a bit of what's been going on :)

This shop is one of my favourites. In fact, anywhere with this cute, pretty vibe to it gets a yes from me! It sells candles, trinkets and bunting which I am obsessed with!!!! It's called Strickland and Holt and can be found on Yarm Highstreet....if you ever find yourself there..

Speaking of shops I like, Utility sent me this gorgeous tote bag* which is the ideal summer day bag to just chuck everything in. I'm half french so this bag appeals to me in a more personal way as well as being pretty with its candy pink stripes.

This necklace is also something I picked up from Utility. I've had my eye on it for months and eventually caved. A lot of Estella Bartlett's jewellery has the same simple but beautiful look! An appalling photo I know and it really doesn't do it justice but it does deserve a mention!

I am forever eating, thinking or talking about food, so of course this summer has involved an extra load of that! Me and Tom went to a gorgeous cafe in York called the Brew and Brownie. They do all sorts of delicious baked goods. I went for a goats cheese, walnut and fig salad followed by this mouthwatering chocolate and peanut butter torte...So rich but sooooo good. Tom made me share because apparently it'd be too sickly to eat all by yourself but I'm pretty sure I could rise to the challenge..

And you know the animal lover in me, I have spent a lot of the summer cuddling lots of cute animals! Both on and off placements! Aren't they the sweetest?!!

Hopefully I'll have more time to get back into blogging again on a more regular basis!! I can't really take photos on placements which is a bit of a problem but I hope you've liked seeing the little snippets of whats gone on in between! :)

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