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Friday, 26 June 2015

Bit of a new style of post but I thought this would be quite fun to write and if it goes down well, I might write a series of post with lists of my favourite things. Some are well known and others not so much so I hope you discover something new that you like from my recommendations below :)

Chick Flicks
The Other Woman
The Holiday
Under the Tuscan Sun
About Time
A Tale of Two Bunnies
The Proposal
The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Scary Films
House of Wax
The Orphan
The Skeleton Key
The Others
Case 39

Tv Series
Grey's Anatomy
Pretty Little Liars (of course!)
One Tree Hill
Desperate Housewives
American Horror Story

Happy Songs
Slide by the GooGoo Dolls
On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
Sexy Lady by Jessie J
Cheerleader by Omi
There She Goes by The La's
Send Me on My Way by Rusted Root

Chill Out Songs
Sail Away by David Gray
Fast Car by Tracy Chapman
Let it Go by James Bay

Have you heard of any of these before? What are your favourites?

lets go to the zoo!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last weekend I headed to Chester Zoo which meant that of course, my trusty camera came along too.I've never really photographed animals before and have since learnt that it's something I really need to work on, but's a few snaps from a lovely day that did actually turn sunny by the end! Yay!

There was a sign outside the Elephants which explained how they were all related and who was whose mummy which was really cute :) 

I was absolutely freezing at the start of the day as I'm terrible at judging the weather and made a bad outfit choice so the warmth of the butterfly house seemed like the next logical place to fly to!

It was a tropical paradise in there and it wasn't long till I was peeling off the layers and carrying half of my outfit! 

It was fun spotting the different patterns and colours on the butterflies which made them fun to photograph but my goodness was this a battle! Every small child has a camera phone these days and there I was in amongst them, elbowing my way to get a good shot. No shame, no shame...

If I was a butterfly, I feel like this would be my hangout place. Gimme fooood!

Next was the Giraffes! They're so fascinating. They look like they shouldn't work but they just do! I'd love to watch one run but it didn't look like these three were going anywhere fast.

We had to wait a while for the Jaguar to come but it was worth it! It was so majestic looking, I couldn't stop taking photos but thought I'd just share with you the best of the bunch.

How cute please?!

The monkeys were probably my favourite animals to see. It is amazing how human like they can be and their balancing and climbing skills are incredible! I could watch them all day.

Obviously we popped into the aquarium to say hi to Nemo and his Dad. Would have been rude not to! See how they're waving back..

By the end of the day, we were as tired as that Rhino looks below! It's a huge zoo so meant my little legs had to do a lot of walking.

I know people have mixed feelings about Zoos, but I personally think they do a great job with conservation and educating the public! I discovered so many animal species that I had never ever heard of which is slightly embarrassing as a vet student, but it's great to have the opportunity to see them up close! I also thought their enclosures were generous in size with lots of things for the animals to do :)

I haven't been to Longleat Safari Park yet but as a previous fan of Animal Park, it's on my life 'to do' list!

Which animals do you like best when going to the Zoo?

Colouring in for grown ups

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Isn't it annoying when you're tired allll day and then as soon you get into bed it's like your brain is suddenly switched on? I'm not always good at switching off before I go to bed usually because I've just come off my laptop or my phone which we all know isn't good for sleep!! 

I decided that the best way for me to get to sleep quicker would be to do something relaxing before bed; cue the grown up colouring book!!!

I had no idea these even existed until a few weeks ago when I saw them in a blog post and then my mum also mentioned them to me. WHSmith have such a huge selection, whether you like patterns, flowers or animals :) 

All of the ones I looked at were around £10 which I think is reasonable considering the number of pages there are! I don't think they're something you'd buy loads of. They'd be such a cute present for anyone in hospital or ill too as it's relaxing and can be done from bed.

I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at what kind of designs were in my book! There's something therapeutic about colouring in. I would be so annoyed if I went out the lines so I tend to focus on just the colouring and nothing else which is perfect before bedtime!

I have to admit, I did feel a little childish going up to the till with this, but come on, you know your inner child wants one too!!! 

What do you think?

Summer Ball: What I wore

Monday, 15 June 2015

Last Saturday was my Vet School's Summer Ball. I'd never been to one before so got quite excited and decided to make an effort since the course rarely gives us opportunity to be all dressed up and know, with all this arms up the backsides of cows business!

I'm terrible at hair so decided to get a hairdresser to do me a pretty up do :) I asked for something braided and up but quite soft and messyish! I was pleased with the end result and you can find the hairdresser's instagram here - she's Liverpool based! 

I went for quite simple make up as my dress was quite glitzy :)

Highlighter: Benefit's High Beam

Mascara: Mac False Lashes

Lipstick: Mac Blankety

Phewww.. seems like a lot of make up when I type it all out like that! But there's the full list :) My earrings* are from Absolute Pearls and can be found here!

And now for the dress!!!

So I know people usually say that petite girls don't suit long dresses but I reaaaaallly wanted to wear one and feel all princess like, so I just got one anyway :) I got this beauty from Coast! I felt like Cinderella wearing that shade of blue! I also had some sparkly silver shoes which are hidden away but peeped out every now and again, or when I'd trip over (often.) My shoes can be found and seen here at Dorothy Perkins. I can't find a link to the matching clutch bag but they did have lots in the shop! Also, how lovely and pretty do my friends all look!! 

The venue was beautiful. Picture a huge white marquee with coloured bunting, pomspoms and flowers!! The food was delicious too but I feel like I've rambled on about food a lot lately on my blog so thought I'd give you something a little different!

What do you all think?

The little things

Saturday, 6 June 2015

It's been tough these few last weeks with exams. I don't think I've ever been that stressed in the exam season before. There were A LOT of tears, tantrums and sleepless nights.But I am soooo happy to have finally made it through to the other side!! If you haven't made it through the exam period yet, I wrote some tips here that can help you revise :) Also if you're a worrier, have a look at my post on 10 ways to worry less

I had my first day off in ages today and managed to fill it with lots of lovely little things that make me happy. Starting off with a nice long lie in and then some back to back watching of Grey's Anatomy! 

I made some of these delicious double chocolate cookies as I'm going for a picnic tomorrow and who doesn't love baked goods?! I got the recipe from the lovely Ioanna whose blog and recipe you can find here. I had one just as it came out the oven and it was actual heaven. Melted chocolate, gooey vanillaness mmmmm. You should make them.

I also had to sneak this gorgeous mug* I was sent from Getting Personal into the photo. I'm really pleased with the quality of the print on it and it makes me really proud of my blog, seeing it printed on something like that. 

Whilst shopping for my baking ingredients, I spotted the flowers section and before I had time to think about it, my feet were already taking me over to them. You just can't beat fresh flowers in your room and you know, someone has to get you flowers, it might as well be yourself!! They were only £2.50 as well. You don't have to go on a massive splurge to treat yourself.

There was also some Glade candles at half price in Tesco, so of course, one of those was popped in my basket too :) I went for Bali Sandlewood and Jasmine. I've gotten into the habit of lighting a candle every night before bed as well as burning them almsot nonstop throughout the day so I get through them very quickly!

I'm really happy with my notebook* too which I'll be using to write down any blog ideas I have!! 

Baking, watching my favourite tv shows and chilling with a candle on and a cuppa in hand is how I like to relax. It's been nice just spending time by myself to unwind. All the hard work and stress you go through during difficult times makes days like these so much more appreciated. I haven't done anything overly exciting but it's just been nice :) 

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