Cheesy bacon and egg breakfast cups

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

You wake up and you're not sure you can sit up because your head is spinning and you fear you might just be sick if you move. Your mouth is dry and you have no idea what happened last night and keep finding unexplained bruises. You're hungover.You're hungry, you're thirsty and basically you want bacon. In fact, what you really want is cheesy bacon and egg breakfast cups which are oh so easy to make and will settle the bacon monster than lives within.... so lets get started!

You will need bread, grated cheese, eggs, bacon and black pepper....A glass of water will help you get through this too...
A glass/mug/something round that you can cut with and a baking tray with wells in

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and then grab a glass to cut the bread into circles that will fit into the bottom of the baking tray wells.

Cook your bacon however you like it - I grilled mine - and then cut it into slices to make a boarder around the bread.

Next add a layer of cheese...

Crack an egg on top...

Sprinkle on some black pepper and pop them in the oven for 15 really is that easy!!!

I didn't set a timer and found the yolks had just gone hard so I'd try 12 minutes if you like your yolks runny.

And voila!!!! Really quick and super delicious.

I think you could play around and add all sorts to this recipe :) mushrooms, tomatoes, salmon? 

Let me know if you try these!!

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January Blues

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Christmas has been and gone and New Year resolutions have failed. Not to mention, the weather is freezing cold!! It's easy to see why people get the so called 'January Blues'. It can be hard to return to the routine of school/work/uni after so many happy festive activities with our nearest and dearest. I felt pretty miserable coming back to uni because I had such a lovely time with my family and I just didn't want it to end...yep at 23 you can still get homesick, who knew!

But then, after a while I remembered that actually, what you think is what you feel (see What 2015 taught me). It's all about perspective and making the best out of whatever situation you're in.

January isn't actually so bad. The days are getting lighter and longer which means you no longer wake up to the Moon, there's the chance of snow (controversial one but perspective again makes this a good thing...yay narnia!) and if you have failed your new year resolutions, you still have another 11 months to make this right again.

Little things like flowers can really lift a person's mood. Debenhams Flowers sent me this beautiful bouquet called Moonlit Meadow*. I picked this one because I think the colours are perfect for the winter month. I'd always thought of flowers as more of a summer thing. This shows how 'the blues' can look very pretty!

They arrived in immaculate condition and with a care guide on how to look after them so you can get the most out of them. A week later and they're still blossoming away. Did I mention these ones come with a box of chocolates too?!

If you'd like some then you can use "DFBLOG25" to get 25% off. Now you can't tell me discounts don't make you happy! Go, on treat someone or yourself..either will make you feel fabulous.

One thing me and my housemates do every evening at dinner is go around the table and ask each other what our favourite part of the day is. Often it's something very small and unusual. I'm trying to take that approach in my one line a day diary so then I'll have 5 years worth of happy far it's mostly about food..

And for all those people missing the summer and beach well did you know you can hire hot tubs for your back garden?! My friend hired one for her birthday which meant that this January, the bikinis were out! Teamed with some outdoor fairy lights, it really was a magical experience! See, it doesn't have to be Christmas to have that feeling still!

I know this was quite a strange mix of photos and thoughts but it represents my January :)

So, I better refer to my first photo your glass half full or empty?

p.s. I now have a facebook page which you can find here

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