A few things you may not know about me..

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

1. I play 'white noise' from my phone to help me sleep at night

2. I hate wrists..they just freak me out..keep your tendons to yourself please

3. If I'm buying a bottle of shampoo or something similar, I'll never take the one from the front of the shelf - oh no!

4. I love Sean Paul, Pitbull and Fuse ODG and have no shame - the sound of summer

5. I am part french, scottish, italian, german, swiss and irish..shall we just say European?

6. It's not the most exciting of choices but my favourite animal is the dog

7. Before wanting to be a vet, I wanted to be an astronaut

8. Sometimes I cry for what appears to be absolutely no reason

9. I love weird twisted films like 'Knock Knock' and 'Misery'

10. If I turn down a big social event then it's probably because I'm too anxious to go

11. I would love a pet chicken purely so I can call her Nando...and well free eggs too

12. I think capers are the most disgusting food out there

13. I don't really have a favourite colour, but I like when there's a colour scheme in rooms

14. My Aunty used to call me 'Emma-Jane' when I was little and I hated it...my middle name is Jane

15. Eating out at restaurants is one of my absolute favourite things to do

16. If I have a disappointing meal out then I genuinely will feel sad

17. If you've upset me in my dreams then I'll be holding a grudge against you in real life the next day..I'll just try not to let you know it

18. I wish I read more books but honestly, I just go through the odd reading phase here and then

19. I love buying new PJs and will put them on as early as is sociably acceptable after a day out

20. Baths > Showers (sorry environment)

21. I never watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air so I just kinda dance awkwardly whenever everyone starts singing the theme tune on nights out

22. I used to fancy TJ from Recess

23. My hands are almost always freezing

24. I used to drink Sunny D with a spoon

Animals Inside Out

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Animals Inside Out Exhibition is at the Centre For Life in Newcastle up until the 3rd January 2017 and you just have to go. There, I got straight to the point. 

Thanks to Dr Gunther von Hagens, who invented plastination, we are now able to preserve the anatomy of animals (and humans) so we can see what's really going on under the skin! Body fluids and fats are removed and replaced with synthetic materials.  

*Please note there are some spoilers, so don't scroll any further if you'd rather keep it all a surprise*

Come on, lets have a peek at what's in there shall we?

The sheer size of this bear was just...wow basically. I would not want to be attacked by it, that's for sure. Well done Leo for surviving the bear attack in the Revenant!!

The Gorilla - another animal I'd like to avoid being attacked by. Walking around all of the exhibits and seeing their size and adaptations for attack up close was pretty scary stuff! It is amazing how human like Gorillas are. There was a human exhibit just next to this one for comparison which was really interesting.

It must have taken a looooong time preparing this fella for preserving. Just look at him!

This exhibit fascinated me the most believe it or not. Just the huge amount of capillaries in the head was mind blowing to see! I honestly had no idea.

You'll never guess what this is...

Go on, have a closer look..

It is fact a Liver!!! Well the blood vessels in the Liver and it belongs to this guy...

He is a Blue Shark and his liver makes up a whopping 40% of his total body volume. Come on, you can't say you're not impressed!

I don't think you need to be particularly  interested in animals or a science geek to be fascinated by this exhibition. There's a great range of creatures great and small to see - some more unusual than others!

It's about £14 for adults and £11 for students and gives you access to the whole of the life centre which has lots of fun science experiments to try out, a planetarium and a 4D experience that shouldn't be missed!!

Just a quick note to put those worried minds at rest that no animals were killed or harmed for the making of this exhibition :)

April Blogger Beauty Box

Sunday, 5 June 2016

When I saw that the fabulous Vix Meldrew had put together a beauty box especially for bloggers, I just had to sign up for one! They're only £10, including postage and you don't have to subscribe, just buy as you go. 

Each box contains 4-5 full size products and is a great way of discovering new brands and products.

The April box is the first I've received and I wasn't disappointed with the variety in this one :)

Make Up Geek Blush in Infatuation - worth £7.95
I'd never heard of Make Up Geek before, but having a quick google, I realised that it's a much-loved brand by bloggers. That's why boxes like these are so good for discovering new favourites. I think the shade is a bit dark for me so I've passed this on to a friend. The texture of it was spot on though, as far as blushers go, so I'll have to try a different shade.

Witch Daily Primer and Clearing Serum - worth £6.99
This is without a doubt my favourite product in the box. I've been using it every day as I do like to use a primer before applying my make up and what a bonus that this works away underneath it all to fight off spots! I genuinely have seen an improvement in my skin since using this. It hasn't got a silliconey texture like porefessional does, it's more like a gel.

Maya Hair Styling and Curling Creme - sample
I haven't heard of Maya hair products before but I'm looking forward to trying this. Since I had my hair cut shorter, I'm having to experiment more with hair products to give it a of style. In the past, I've only been a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray kinda gal!

1001 Remedies Soin Millenaire - worth £69
This price of this anti-ageing cream could buy you 7 boxes, that's how good the box is for money! The cream claims to stimulate collagen production, which at that price, I hope it truly does. The cream is rich and nourishing, but I couldn't get over the smell of it. Not a fan sadly, so I've given this to my mum....Saying that, I've still been stealing a bit before bed because it does feel so nice on the skin.

Tropic Sun Drops Tanning Serum - worth £22
This is a completely novel product to me. You add a few drops to your moisturiser and it's supposed to gradually give you more and more of a tan. I've only actually used it once so far and I did notice a subtle glow. Will get it out more as the holiday season nears! It's a bit more than I'd usually pay for a tanning product but that's why getting these boxes is so good - you don't pay full price :)

Merumaya Overnight Recharge Cream - Sample
It's difficult to review a product with such a small sample but from what I've tried, this cream has a nice smell, texture and feel on the skin. I absolutely love the Merumaya mud mask so it was nice to get something else from the brand.

TOTM Tampons - worth £2.80
Well it's always good to have a practical product isn't it! I haven't used these yet but I'm sure these will come in handy. They're 100% organic cotton and will be good for those of us with sensitive skin. It's a bit of a rubbish time anyway without having any allergic reactions to deal with too!

So in summary, this whole box was worth approximately £108.74...and I got it all for a tenner including postage and packaging. You really can't get much better than that can you :)!!!

Which subscription boxes do you recommend?

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